Michelle Marzo LPC, LAC

Private Practice Clientele:

              I work with people who struggle with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, as well as people who struggle with substance abuse issues and complex co-occurring issues. 

            My approach to counseling includes developing a trusting relationship, collaboratively formulating client goals and providing a safe space in which clients can discuss their change process. As a result, people may become more mindful about what stands in the way of achieving their desired change and be able to remove these barriers over time.

               I have a conversational and more direct style of communication in which I listen, validate and reflect themes and patterns of a client's thoughts and feelings in order for the client to understand how they operate internally. I also provide education around any applicable clinical subject matter as it arises in session. (See About page for education and approach)

New clients: 1 hr. evaluation and treatment planning-$130

Returning clients: 50 min. follow ups-$120 

If you are a new client please call (970) 406-8830, leave a message, and I will return your call to discuss your concerns before​ scheduling. ​​Ethically speaking, I want to make sure I have the right background for your concern. 

If I believe you would be better served by another counselor with a focused specialty, I will refer you to the best care. 

If you are a returning client CLICK the "Schedule Here" BUTTON below to visit my online appointment scheduler. 

Thank you

Scheduler and Insurance Instructions

Use a laptop, not a phone/tablet for best results. 

Available appointment times are white, please schedule at the top of the hour, ex. 2:00pm not at the half hour. 

You will get a confirmation if the  appointment has been made.

If you do not get a confirmation, please call/text me, it means your appointment has not been made.

You will receive a reminder text (48 hrs in advance) on your cell if you put your cell # in the cell box as opposed to the home # box. Please be aware I have a late cancellation fee for the price of the session and insurance does not cover this. 

Accepted insurance plans: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Anthem, Peak Alliance, Rocky Mt. Health Plans, Building Hope Vouchers and Building Warriors Vouchers for EMS/Fire/RN clients.

Please know and understand your benefits: co-pays, health savings accounts, and/or deductible with your insurance company before your initial visit. I do not check benefits on behalf of my clients. Call the member services number on the back of your insurance card for information about your plan.

I'm happy to give  you a receipt to turn into your insurance company for reimbursement if I'm out of your insurance's network.

Payment/co-pay due at time of service.

Thank you!